Granite United Event Request Process

Step One - Fill out budget form - available under Granite United Church templates on Google Sheets. (this form is not only for budget purposes but also who your event is targeting and why you are doing the event.)

Step Two - Copy budget form link (click blue share button in top right corner and copy link.)

Step Three - Fill out Event Request Form and include budget link.

Step Four - Once budget and event has been approved please allow enough time for Events Team to get you everything you need. (See Timeline Below.)

Fill Out Event Request Form w/ Budget

Budget Approval - Within 1 Week
Calendar Approval- Within 1 Week
Event Graphics- 4 Weeks
Resources In Hand - 1-2 Weeks

*Once graphics are completed Website, App, Eventbrite, etc will be completed within 1-2 weeks. If possible our team will have everything you need earlier but please be prepared for this 6-8 week timeline.

*Please Note: If you need a slide for weekend services or online registration you must have a member of our graphics department approve/make your graphic.

Campus Re-Orders- 1-2 Weeks
New Orders- Time Varies

*Our Central Team will contact you in regards to new projects/orders and confirm a timeframe

The Central Team will communicate back to the e-mails provided in the form so your teams know where anything submitted stands within the process. As this process moves forward from Calendar Approval, Graphics, Website/App, Re-Orders, etc your team will also be updated. Any issues or questions that may arise will be communicated to the e-mail provided.

Host Team Order/Reorder Form
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