Worship Team Auditions

Granite United Church is currently auditioning vocalists and musicians for our Worship Teams. As we grow our church and develop musicians for current and future campuses - there are many opportunities for talented musicians to use their gifts in worship.

We are conducting combined auditions for all of our Campus Locations (Salem, Haverhill, Lawrence, Windham, Lowell, Manchester) for Vocalists, Drummers, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitarists, and Keyboardists.

Audition Process

For the audition everyone will prepare one of two provided songs. You can choose whichever song you feel most confident with. Ideally you would have the lyrics/music memorized or very familiar - however if you need to bring a copy of the lyrics/music with you - that is okay. You’ll want to bring your energy, emotion, and stage presence as well as you audition.

Vocalists will be singing along to a full-band track and instrumentalists will play along with a track and click with their instrument pulled out of the mix. Both practice tracks and click tracks are provided at the bottom of this webpage.

After your audition you'll be contacted to let you know if you've been invited to be a part of our development/apprenticing program - the first step for all new worship team members.

Auditions for all of our locations will take place at our Salem Campus.


Please follow the link to download music for your audition. You will find folders for each instrument as well as both male and female vocals. Please be sure to download the files inside the appropriate folders as well as the chord/lyric sheets and instruction sheet.

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